Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mandy Needs....

I thought this was hillarious! You google your first name + needs... and see what pops up!

Here are mine!
Mandy needs money to make money. (Sounds good to me!)
Mandy needs little introduction (I guess I am popular??!)
Mandy needs an obsession. (Oh no.. I have that covered! Have you seen my ribbon stash??!)
Mandy needs a knight in shining armour. (Nope.. found that almost 10 years ago when I met Brian!)
Mandy needs help. (Anyone want to come over and help me get organized??!)
Mandy needs a Meth addiction. (WHAT??!! Ummm.. nope.. dont think so!!!)
Mandy needs a place in the home that is hers. (Ahh, YES!! This is why the new house will have a craft room/office... JUST FOR ME!!)

Ok.. that was funny! Try it with your name and see what pops up! :)

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