Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh! Another one!

More like "What I did last week!" but just got pics of today...

A sweet customer of mine asked me to create these bows for her twin daughters... they are getting a little old for traditional bows - they love the pony tail streamers.. so this is a combination of them! I am calling them

I would really LOVE to hear some feedback on these!! I am torn about them - they are difficult to photograph.. but I think they look darling on my cutie! Not sure if I should carry a line of these?

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Comsats said...

Well, you know I love them LOL!!! I think it is such a great concept because it combines the traditional boutique bow with the big girl ribbons and it creates a totally unique look! I love that my girls stand out with their hair accessories and so do they!

I have been combining the two items separately for quite some time by using the pony o with long ribbons and then topping it off with a bow. This creation eliminates the need for 2 separate pieces. We love it!!