Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ah.. just another typical day..

Ok, so I am playing catch up.. AGAIN!

Yesterday, B's dad had surgery, so he was at the hospital with him. (Everything went well and he got to come home today) :o)

We talked off and on during the day...and when I think of it now, our conversations were pretty funny. He was tired of waiting all day and sitting down.. all I wanted to do was be able to sit down! LOL!

In addition to the everyday tasks of cleaning, picking up toys, feeding the kids, letting the dog outside, picking up toys, cleaning, playing referee... did I mention picking up toys?? LOL... Ok, so In addition to all of these things...At the end of the day I had:

  • made a stack of things on top of the armoire (that is the only place I could see to put it where little hands couldn't grab it again) that big boy used to climb on...2 buckets, the shape sorter toy, and a shoe box, to be exact.
  • Safely extracted Noah's finger from the vent in the bathroom
  • safely extracted Noah's hand from his sister's Princess Belle teapot
  • cleaned up one WHOLE bottle of baby vapor bath that had been put (upside down) into the basket... and leaked all over the contents of said basket and the countertop.

So those are the highlights!!! Anyone who says staying at home with Children is not a job... should definately try it one day!! :o)


Priddy Creations said...

I am thinking you need to post something from 2008. It has been a while don't ya think???? :)


Priddy Creations said...

You have been tagged!! Maybe now you will FINALLY update your blog! Check out my blog for the details.


Priddy Creations said...

I am tagging you AGAIN! This would be the perfect time to get to blogging again. Just check out my blog for details!