Friday, June 8, 2007

Nurses, wind & changes...

Nurses: Mom's surgery went well! All of the Nurses in the day surgery unit were just Wonderful!! (Of course I was a little overly critical since I am also a RN..) but they were really great!

Wind: Princess and I, and some friends got to go swimming for a little while yesterday... It was nice and hot, but oh-so- windy! We couldn't set up an umbrella because they would have blown away (we realized this AFTER my dad and I fished the swing OUT of the swimming pool!)

There was no shade for the little Prince and my girlfriend's baby girl, so we made them a makeshift tent! Using a sheet, safety pins, and 4 chairs! It worked well!!

Changes: Why is it that the older we get... the faster time goes by? All of a sudden you look back and realize that the last year has gone by in a flash.

And sometimes you look back and then you come to the sad realization that the people and things that you Never thought would change, do change. There are many reasons that these things change, and all are valid reasons. But still, even though you KNOW there is a reason, a good reason... it still made me cry that I had to finally face the fact...

A good laugh... since the previous paragraph is so sad (but I HAD to get it off my chest a little) I thought I would end with a little funny...

Ahhhh... The honesty of a 4 yr old... The whole family was in the beauty shop yesterday. Brian and Princess got hair cuts, and I got my eyebrows waxed... Anyhow - Someone was getting a perm - and you know how the solution smells (Blech) so Princess, in her "outside" voice (of course) says "Oh! That STINKS!!! Mommy, WHO did that stinky????!!!" LOL!!! I don't think the gal getting the perm thought it was very funny... Oops! :P

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